Super Golden Dragon Inferno Slots

Super Golden Dragon Inferno Slots
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5-reel, bonus, video
China, East, Regional

People have been telling stories about dragons for over 1,000 years. It's through these stories that everyone knows what dragons can do. They can fly, they can breathe fire, they are powerful and tough and frankly, they're just really cool. ​It's why they are heavily celebrated in some cultures around the world. In Asian countries, dragons are powerful symbols of luck and fortune. In Super Golden Dragon Inferno Slots, the dragons you find might end up being lucky for you.

Ancient Symbols and Styles

This game is designed with a red and gold color palette, a combination that is seen often in Asian design. The game board where the reels appear is lined in gold and red. The gold is gleaming and looks so rich and lustrous, you will almost want to reach out and touch it. The red is vivid and sharp, eye-catching and beautiful. It's a perfect setting. This is where you will play the game. And maybe, this is where you will find a lucky dragon.

Creating an Inferno

Dragons can breathe fire. This is one of the most basic things that people know about dragons. And you will find fire on this game board as you play. There are five reels and three rows, which combine to create a beautiful game board. As you spin the reels and make matches, you will see symbols like golden buddhas, golden fish, familiar letters of the alphabet and color circles surrounded with red flams. You can do much more with this game than match up symbols on the reels and win money.

How to Win the Game

There are 243 pay lines on the board, which means there are always 243 different ways you can win when the symbols fall just right. But it doesn't stop there. There are extra symbols on the reels, symbols that can change things no matter where they appear. You might see a wild symbol appear or even better, a symbol with a dollar amount. Because as you play this game, there's something else you will notice about it that makes it stand out: there are jackpots available.

Hitting It Big

This game has four different jackpots, which you might win at any time and which will add money to your account. The jackpots range in size from Mini to Grand, growing in size as you step up. The Mini jackpot awards you with $15. At the Grand level? You could win over $1,000 from the jackpot.

Face the Fires of Winning with Super Golden Dragon Inferno Slots

Will you end up going on a hot streak when you play Super Golden Dragon Inferno Slots? The only to find that out is to play the game. See if the reels heat up and see if you get a jackpot. The dragon just might be a lucky symbol for you, too.