Fairytale Fortunes: Jack And The Giants Slots

There are some pretty famous fairy tales out there, stories you've heard a hundred times before. Of these well-known tales, the story of Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the most famous. You probably know all about the magic beans, the goose with its golden eggs, the angry giant who lives up there in the clouds. But even if you know this story, you've never seen it come to life quite the same way it does in Fairytale Fortunes: Jack And The Giants Slots.

Up the Beanstalk

The game design takes you right into a magical world that looks like a fairy tale. The colors, the design, the symbols you will see on the reels, all of it brings the classic story to life. In this game, you will be climbing up the beanstalk. In the background, a quaint little village spreads out before you. Clouds roll by against the blue sky as you climb up and up. Sometimes, the board will shake and beanstalk pods will rain down on you. That's because there is a giant up there...and he's not a very pleasant guy.

Climbing to the Top

As the story goes, there is grand treasure to be found at the top of the beanstalk. When Jack climbed to the top, he found a golden hard, a goose laying golden eggs, golden coins and more. He also found a giant! You will see all of these symbols when you climb the beanstalk in this game. You may even see Jack's famous cow that he traded for the magic beans! 

Betting on Yourself

Jack is a great fairytale hero because he was just a regular guy. Jack ended up finding a treasure and you might just end up finding the same. In order to get to the treasure, you will place a bet between $0.30 and $30. As you play and get a feel for the game, trust your instincts and you'll know how to bet.

Playing the Game

This game is laid out like a traditional slots game board, with five reels and three rows in a pretty classic design. But as you play, you will see that this game is a little different. The pay lines don't just stretch horizontally across the board, though they do that. You can also win by getting a lot of the same symbol anywhere on the board. When that happens, those matching symbols disappear and new symbols take their place. This gives you even more opportunities to win.

Make Your Wishes Come True with Fairytale Fortunes: Jack And The Giants Slots

Fairy tales are about making wishes come true. They're also about being brave, chasing destiny and being bold enough to take some risks. If that's you, then you're a hero just like Jack. Play Fairytale Fortunes: Jack And The Giants Slots and see if you end up finding some giant luck as you climb the beanstalk.