Enchanted: Forest of Fortune Slots

There's a reason that people have been telling each other fairy tales for hundreds and hundreds of years. Don't you want to discover a world of fairy fold and wizards and fantastic creatures? That's just what you'll find with Enchanted: Forest of Fortune Slots.

Into the Enchanted Forest

The background of this game is a beautiful enchanted forest that is full of different shades of blue and purple, along with the traditional green and brown shades you'd expect to find in any magical woods. There are leaves drifting by in the background, little sparkles that are dancing around the trees and plenty of shadowy places where magical creatures might be hiding. Huge trees and hanging vines make this forest look even more enchanted and very old.

Making the Enchantment Happen

The real magic of this game plays out on the reels, of course. There are five reels that have four rows. This creates a lot of spaces for the symbols to appear. This is where you will see all sorts of fantasy creatures and images associated with fantasy worlds. You will see ogres, wizards, spell books, magic potions and lots more. All of the images are made with beautiful colors and lots of detail, so that each one has its own beautiful look.

How to Win

Your ultimate goal is to match up symbols across any of the pay lines on the game board in order to win. But there are some different ways that make this a little easier for you. If you get enough of the magic spell books on the game board, you will win free spins that give you extra chances to get some money. If you get enough crystal orbs when you're playing, you'll unlock a little mini-game where you get more spins and more chances to get crystal balls so you can win even more.

Controlling the World

You don't have to be a wizard to control the game board. You may not be able to decide which symbols land where on the board, but you can control how much you bet and create your own strategy so that you will win more than you lose. Place a bet as low as Place a bet as low as $0.20 or bid all the way up to $40, depending on how much you want to risk.

Finding the Magic in Enchanted: Forest of Fortune Slots

This slots game is designed to look like a fantasy world, with all the different characters and features you might expect to find in such a place. Enchanted: Forest of Fortune Slots is a beautiful world and there are a lot of ways to win. See if it ends up being magical for you.