Rise of Triton Slots

You've heard about the lost city of Atlantis. You know about the superheroes who live under the water. So you know there is a world under the waves. In Rise of Triton Slots, you will go into a hidden world under the sea. There are amazing animals here, magical beings and treasures, too. Explore this world to discover riches that you get to keep.

Sinking Into the Hidden World

Dive down into the secret world under the waves in Rise of Triton Slots. The background of this game is positively beautiful and highly detailed. You will find yourself in a lovely city full of columns and arches. Ocean plants are growing on the architecture and you will see bubbles floating up around you, too. In the distance, there is a grand palace. This is where Triton, the leader of this undersea world, dwells.

Spinning the Reels Around and Around

The design is highly detailed and beautiful, but Rise of Triton Slots has a standard slots design. There are five reels and three rows where you can match up symbols. When the reels spin, you will find powerful seahorses, dolphins that are equipped for a fight, an octopus that means business, tridents and lots of gleaming, shining gemstones. Every single image is detailed and has beautiful color. There are many shades of green, blue and purple.

Create a Winning Strategy

You can choose to place a low bet if you want to reduce the risk you're taking. Go as low as $0.20 per spin. But if you're feeling braver, go up to $100. That's a sizable bet and if you make a match when you place a bet this big, you will maximize the amount you can win. Will Triton be kind to you or cruel? They say that the ocean can be both. You'll have to spin the reels to see where your fate lands.

The Gameplay and the Glory

This slots game is straightforward and easy to play. It has a classic slots design and play style. Place your bet, spin the reels and see where the symbols land. There are wild symbols that make it easier to get wins and that's about as complicated as it gets.

Rise of Triton Slots

Go under the sea into a hidden world full of treasure and turmoil in Rise of Triton Slots. Venture into Triton's domain to see if you can collect treasure and walk away a winner.