Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks Slots

Everyone dreams of what it would be like to be a tycoon, some sort of fancy billionaire. But most people aren't billionaires. In fact, only a few people get to say they are. With Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks Slots, you get to enjoy the imagery and the look of the billionaire lifestyle. You will see the fancy designs and the images of all those finger things. And you may not become a billionaire playing this game, but you can win a lot of money!

Step Into the World of a Tycoon

This game takes you into a stunning mansion, a place with tall columns and archways. It's got an inlaid floor, a grand piano, all those things you'd expect to see in a really ritzy house. This game is all about the ritzy, the glamorous, the wealthy objects that billionaires probably have.

Being a Billionaire

There's not a big chance that you'll become a billionaire, but you can get a look at the images you might associate with billionaires. The game board has five reels and three rows where these symbols will appear. You'll see fancy bottles of win, big bags of cash, gold bars, mobile devices and various CEOs of big corporations. Line up these symbols on the pay lines, and you will win money! No, you won't win billions but there are ways for you to win a lot.

Playing to Win

Choose your bet to decide how much to risk and how big of a win you might get. Place a bet as low as $0.25 or go up to $35 to place the biggest bet you can. The bigger your bet, the bigger your win will be when you match up symbols along a pay line. You may not be a billionaire, but you can bet the max amount like one.

Will you Hit a Jackpot?

There's another way you can win when you play this game: the jackpots! There are four in all that range from Mini to Grand. The more you bet, the bigger the jackpot you win could be. At the max bet, the Mini jackpot will award you with $1,750, while the grand has a huge payday of $35,000.

Winning Big with Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks Slots

No one becomes a tycoon overnight. Play this game to and start winning big and you never know what might happen next. But you do know that you will have fun playing Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks Slots, win or lose.