Tiger's Luck Slots

Tiger's Luck is a relaxing and simple slot with a Chinese astrology theme. The game has a nice bamboo backdrop and shows off nicely designed animal symbols. We love the look of this game and spent time learning about its features to learn if it's a slot we can recommend.

Small Prize Wins

With so many slots offering life-changing prize wins, the payouts offered by Tiger's Luck aren't as exciting. The best win is only worth approximately six times the total wager value. That's small compared to many other slots. Instead of attempting to win big, players who use this slot must try and win often.

Wagering Options for Low and Mid Stakes

The majority of players who try Tiger's Luck will have a wager option that works well for them thanks to the game's flexibility. The minimum wager value is a very reasonable $0.20, while it's possible to increase the wager amount up to a maximum of $60.00. The only downside to the wagering system in this game is that all the paylines must remain active, limiting the bet adjustment to only changing the coin value.

Sticky Wilds

Wild symbols can appear anywhere and they take the place of all symbols other than bonus and collection symbols. These special symbols have a sticky feature that causes them to hang around for two spins. Any wild appears with a little number counter-up top, and the wild remains in place until the number counts down. Wilds have the tendency to build up because of this feature, which results in some large prize-winning combinations.

The Hold and Win Feature Offers Instant Prizes

Whenever a player gets six or more of the bonus coin symbols the Hold and Win feature is triggered. This special bonus round starts the player with three bonus spins, and each time another bonus coin lands on the reels the spin counter is reset to 3 again. There are also red collection symbols that instantly pay out all the prize values on the coins displayed so far and reset the spin count to three again. This feature continues until no additional bonus symbols appear and then the prizes are paid out.

Buy the Hold and Win Feature

For anyone who does not want to wait to trigger the Hold and Win bonus feature, it's possible to purchase it immediately. There is an instant purchase symbol on the side of the screen you can use when playing. Pay the fee listed and the feature starts immediately. Anyone trying the game for the first time can learn how the bonus works using this feature.

Test Play the Game

If you're interested in Tiger's Luck you should try the game to get familiar with its play experience. After just a short period in demo mode, you'll know how the bonuses feel and what to expect from the game. We love how the slot performs and can recommend it to other players because we took the time to test it fully.

Tiger's Luck isn't a perfect slot because of its bonus features, it's an enjoyable game because it's fast-paced and easy. The slot looks nice, but we think most players will stick with it because it's an entertaining experience that keeps moving.