72 Fortunes Slots

72 Fortunes Slots
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4-reel, bonus, video
China, East, Regional

There are many legends and stories of the ancient world, tales that have been passed down through generations. Some tales are so old, it's impossible to know whether or not they ever happened. But it is true that once, there were many great ancient warrior tribes that battled against each other. You will see symbols and images from these earlier times when you play 72 Fortunes Slots.

Into a Fantasy Medieval World

This game puts you into a beautiful fantasy world. There are tall, jutting mountain peaks all around you where misty, rolling clouds gather among the trees and greenery. you will see a flock of birds in the background, too. ​This is the setting where you will find ancient weapons and warriors, grand treasures and many chances to win a lot of money. You don’t even have to go into a real battle to find it all!

Playing for Treasure

The game board has three reels where the symbols will appear across a main payline. Each one of the symbols on the board is beautifully designed. They have bright colors and careful details, beautiful highlights and shading that make them almost jump off the screen. You will see rich shades of gold, green, purple, blue and red. it’s a beautiful design and it makes the game highly captivating, so you can play for many hours and get lost in the action.

The Extra Reel

The three main reels are just one aspect of the game. You will see an extra reel on the board. ​This is the instant win reel. On this reel, you might land in multipliers, free spin symbols and other little extras and bonuses that reward you with more beyond what you can win on the reels themselves. When all the reels hit, you could get some huge payouts.

Betting Like a Warrior

Choose your bet and choose your weapon as you head forth into battle on this game board. Take a small risk and make your chips last longer with a minimum bet of 0.03. If you believe that being bold is the best way, take your bet all the way up to 90. That's a really big bet and could lead to a really big win. 

Find Ancient Treasures and Warriors with 72 Fortunes Slots

Discover all the ancient symbols and weapons you can find in 72 Fortunes Slots and discover just how much money you can win playing this game.