April Fury And The Chamber Of Scarabs Slots

It's not a secret that many mysteries are still buried under the ground. Throughout time, tens of thousands of years of human history have been lost. There are so many secrets still hidden under the dirt, in places full of desert sands. There is still so much more to discover. Archeology is pretty thrilling! April Fury and the Chamber of Scarabs Slots turns you into an archeologist and tomb raider, an adventurer who is descending under the ground in order to discover ancient, hidden treasures.

Digging Deep

In this game, you will climb down under the ground into the Chamber of Scarabs with the adventurer and archeologist April Fury. You will climb down carved stone steps into a huge underground chamber filled with fluted columns. The background is dimly lit and you may even see bats flying by. The background is beautifully designed, rich with shadows and highlights. You may even find your heart pounding as you click the button to spin the reels and go seeking out the ancient treasures that are hidden here.

On an Adventure

Spin the reels and you will see various symbols, glorious riches and treasures and findings that you can discover inside this ancient tomb. The more of any of these symbols you find, the more you will win! There are five reels and four rows where you will see the various symbols.

Finding the Treasures

Among the many symbols you will see on the reels are coins. These act as multipliers that increase your winnings, and sometimes they will increase your winnings by enormous amounts. These coins aren't the only bonus symbols you will find on the reels as you spin and spin your way to bigger and bigger wins.

Bonuses and Big Wins

When certain symbols appear on the reels, little bonuses and free prizes will be rewarded. You may win free spins or even instant win bonuses, little extras that make it easier for you to get a lot of money. Because sure, learning about history is really great. But the real point of digging up those treasures from the past is because they are treasurers! These artifacts are highly valuable and in this game, they can lead you to win a lot of money.

Finding Historic Treasure with April Fury And The Chamber Of Scarabs Slots

Play April Fury And The Chamber Of Scarabs Slots and win a lot of money and this game will become an important part of your own personal history. Playing this game and spinning these reels might just end up being a historic decision for you.