Lucky Jack – Tut's Treasures Slots

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who find an amazing treasure? You probably know exactly what you'd do with the money. Well, Lucky Jack - Tut's Treasures Slots takes you deep into an underground tomb that is full of riches. Play the reels well and you will walk away with an actual fortune for yourself to keep.

Into the Tomb

This game has a dark background that allows the gold frame around the game board to pop against the screen and helps the images on the reels to stand out. After all, it is dark inside of the tombs. That's where you are, inside an ancient tomb with the treasure hunter Lucky Jack. What sort of riches will you find here?

Playing the Reels

Spin the reels to discover the many treasures inside the tomb. You will see lots of colors and design that is associated with ancient Egypt. The art and architecture from this ancient empire are very distinct, and the game board has a very Egyptian look to it that will help you stay immersed in this exciting world As the reels spin around, you will see several symbols: the treasure hunter Lucky Jack, cats and ancient symbols that were important in Egyptian culture.

Winning the Game

As you spin the five reels, you will have the chance to match up symbols along 25 pay lines. There are wild symbols that make it easier to make matches, scatter symbols that add another element of fun to the game and multipliers that actually increase your winnings to add even more money to your pocket. You will play a bet from You will play a bet from $0.25 all the way up to $250 to change the game at any time..25 all the way up to 0 to change the game at any time. You can bet very low and take a low-risk wager or go high and increase your chances of getting a really big win.

Power Spin

Want to increase your winnings even more? Use the Power Spin feature to get rid of the low-paying symbols on the board. Extra wild symbols will be added, along with opportunities for you to get bonus spins. This turns things up a few notches and makes the game feel even more exciting. 

Finding Treasure with Lucky Jack – Tut's Treasures Slots

It's time to enter a world of riches and adventure and treasure. Play Lucky Jack – Tut's Treasures Slots to find the fortune that's waiting for you.