Demon's Delight Slots

Demon's Delight Slots
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bonus, video, 3-reel
Horror, Monsters

The Demons Delight gives you a cartoony version of hell with the slot machines in the background dancing as you’re spinning the reels making this a truly unique, mobile-friendly slot title. The Demon’s Delight slot is a very brilliant reimagining of Hell with very big inspiration from Looneys toons. The demons are very crazy and whacky there in the very deep depths of dark hell. It looks very like a big temple deep in flames. Spin through those higher payout icons like the red cherries, evil skulls, stray bullets, both the cats and the dogs, and they all have very cheeky grins for very big payouts. Demons Delight by Rival is a very beautiful game designed with a modernist twist and very old cartoons to watch and to love. Are you ready for a very nice trip to win?

About Demon’s Delight

Although Demon’s Delight might be spooky for you at first, there is nothing scary or terrifying. Rivals has opted for cartoonish appearances, featuring very charismatic characters there. The action is on a 3x3 grid with reels and also 5 payouts lines where you'll benefit very from very nice features like the expanded wild and a bonus Sin City Shakedown Pit Bonus Boss Battles. You'll the developers put much work into their games graphics. The symbols are all very nice, and also the animations are nice and very user interface. The sounds and the nice music are very top-notch, and they'll very complement the game very perfectly. The games play is easy and very straightforward, with 3 nice bonus features which are the Expanded Wilds, the Free Spins and Jackpot. They are triggering very often.

Theme and symbols

You may recognize the characters from that day cartoons. The setting is very vivid, with a very Hellish gaming atmosphere, and also the bonus Sin City Saloon. The Hell’s Bell id there Scatter and their Bat out of Hell is there wild. Demon’s Delight is a very classic 3-reel, five line title set in Hell’s Sin City's Saloon. The Fire and Brimstone swirlling around with a very sulfur scent under the wide gaze of there supervisors. A spinning of Demon’s Delight shows you a legion of infernal and hellishly icons, including there apocalyptic aces, demonics dice, hellcat and the evil hounds of Hell, boneyheads and bloody cherries! The Bat out of Hell is the expanded wild to fill yours reels with hot fire and fury! The Hell’s Bell will trigger the Sin City Shakedown and the free Pit Boss battle.

Free Spins round

Wild symbols substitute the icons, except there scatters, thus helping you form more winning combinations. Scatters and the very nice Free Spins are very great news as you'll trigger the Bonus Feature with a very big 100x your triggers bet. The Scatters give you away prizes no matter if their Scatters land. Also, 3 such symbols in a combo give you 7 free spins to play with. You’ll see the very good demon dice during the free spins and 7 such symbols and you'll have a maximum prize of 100x yours bet.

Wild and jackpots

Although this is a slot set in hell, you’ll see some pretty unusual symbols on the reels. There are aces, also bullets, wild wolves, big cats, flaming-red cherries, and top hats skuls. The Wild looks like an angry, flaming mouse and it can replace the regulars when you’re making winning combinations it can also expand to cover an entire reel. The Wild symbols create nice wins on another payout line. There's a very great scatter symbol that pays out to you 7 free spins when you'll to get three of them on your reel board. During yours free spins, the dice symbols can appear there on your grid. They let you attack and also to very weaken the evil demons. Do all that for seven times to win the very big jackpot.

RTP and betting options

Demon’s Delight, by Rival has a very decent RTP of over 95.5% with a medium to higher variance. There's a very decent minimum bet of $0.01 and yours maximum bet is $75. You can very much adjust your bets when you'll play Demons Deligh and watch as the very good slot can be very lucrative with it's bonuses features and the triggering frequency they have.

Everything else about Demon’s Delight

Demon’s Delight is a very nice choice with a very traditional reels grid and very good bonuses and also features. It is another very good interesting Rivals game. Also, it’s good more casinos are trying always to very improve their classic slots gaming possibilities. The portfolio of Rival is there to choose, and its depending on whether you very like classics or modern ones.