Lucky Jack – Lost Jungle Slots

Age-old legends tell of hidden cities, buried deep in the jungle, made of gold and rich with treasures and wealth. There are many stories about these fabled cities of many stories, in fact, that it seems that these tales must be real. Somewhere in the jungle, long forgotten and lost to time, such a city exists. And while you may not find it in the real world, you can play around in a city like this in the real world. Play Lucky Jack – Lost Jungle Slots to discover and explore a hidden jungle city that is full of incredible riches. Because how many chances in reality would you ever have to do that?

In the Jungle

The design of this game puts you right into a misty, green world that is full of leafy plants, mountains and old stone carvings. You are deep in a jungle that most modern humans will never see, a secret and ancient place where once, vast temples and great buildings were erected. This is where you will travel with Jack, the adventurer who stars in this epic story of hunting for legendary treasure. 

In Search of Treasure

As the reels spin around, you will see many symbols associated with adventure and exploring, along with some symbols representing ancient lost civilizations. You will see fancy compasses and cool keys, lanterns to light the way and weapons used by fierce ancient warriors. Jack, the explorer extraordinaire, will also make an appearance. You may get a symbol at any time that rewards you with free spins, or one that gives you a bonus.

How to Play

With 10 different pay lines going across the five reels, you have a lot of ways to make money and find that treasure you're seeking. At the maximum, you can win up to 5,000 times your original bet. Place a very small bet of just $0.01 to take the smallest risk you can and keep the game going for as long as you can. If you're feeling even more brave, try betting all the way up to 0. Imagine if you get 5,000 times that bet!

Choosing Your Adventure

This game is designed to look and feel and play like a real adventure. You will feel excitement as the reels go spinning around. Your heart will pound as you wait to see what will happen. In a way, you will experience what the legendary explorer Jack feels. You don't have to face the unforgiving and harsh climate of the jungle to do it, however, which makes you luckier than him. Now, find out if that luck extends to the symbols on the reels. Who knows? Maybe you'll find that city of gold, after all...or build your own!

Test Your Fate with Lucky Jack – Lost Jungle Slots

Have your own little adventure whenever you want and go in search of treasure with Lucky Jack – Lost Jungle Slots. Maybe you'll end up being the lucky one.