Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots

If you've heard of Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon but you've yet to play it, be sure and make time for the demo at least once you've read this review. This is a stunning game and one that you need to just appreciate in terms of design before you do anything else.

Developer details for this slot game

Rival Gaming came up with this idea, and we must say it is another strong addition to their collection.

Demo opportunities abound here

You can load the demo version of Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon whenever you want to, as there are practice coins in the game to use when you check it out.

A theme filled with wolves

No doubt you have seen wolves in online slot games before. You're going to find several of them in this game too, so be ready to face off with them if you play.

A design featuring silver and blue

This is an awesome mix of colors, giving you an opportunity to really make the best of the game. We think being able to enjoy what a slot looks like is hugely important, and Rival has done well on this count.

Let's play!

Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon has five reels, but instead of three symbols on each, we get a 3-4-5-4-3 format instead. There are no big jackpots here, so check the paytable to find all the prizes you might win in there.

The wild icon shows just that word, but it also has a number underneath it. This shows you the size of the multiplier that will boost your prize if a wild appears in the lineup. This could be 2x, 3x, or even 5x. You'll also find scatters shaped as feathers.

Paylines don't feature in this game

No, but you get all the potential ways you can find combinations instead. No need to do the math - there are 720 of them.

How much does it cost to play this game?

If you're making real bets, you need to bet at least a quarter on each spin to be in with a shot of winning up to 720 ways. The maximum bet goes up to $62.50.

Paytable information to go on

This is useful to give you a background on the slot before you play it.

Free spins and how to find them

Three feathers will give you eight free games to play. If you can find four feathers, you'll receive 12 instead. Find five and the spin count increases to 20 freebies. All the symbols appear here, but you can also find a bonus symbol in action.

Bonus potential is there, but you must reach the free games first

If you manage to do this, you can see whether you're able to find three bonus icons in one spin. This reveals the bonus wheel, and you can then give it a spin to find out which prize you've won.

The RTP details let the game down

We like to see something above 96%, but Rival has gone for just 94.91% here, so keep that in mind as you work out whether you would like to play this game.

What did we think of the Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon slot game?

It looks superb and offers some great features throughout. However, the RTP does let the side down a bit. Other than that, and the absence of a progressive jackpot, we think it is worth 7.5 points from a maximum of 10.

Winning prizes could be easier if you find some wild multipliers

And of course, the biggest 5x multiplier landing as part of a winning line would certainly give you a far better prize.

Demo play is the ideal way to begin your foray into the reels of this slot

You can never know whether you're going to like Mythic Wolf Mystic Moon until you try it, so do that today to see what it's really like.

Play for real at Rival casinos

We know there are lots of those around, so if you're keen to see whether you'd like to find a range of Rival slot games to play, chances are you'll find this among many other thrillers.

You can also try the mobile version

Look out for the Android version if you visit a mobile Rival casino or indeed an iOS version.