Majestic Mermaid Slots

Majestic Mermaid by Rival is an entertainingly funny slot for any slot playing game enthusiast. The game sounds, features and visual are very top-notch, making it very fun to play. Whether being a new beginner or if your very experienced, you'll very much love spinning the reels of this lovely nice game. Majestic Mermaid is a delightful slot game for the slot fans. The game has very nice graphics, great soundscapes, and very captivating features to create a very good experience over the boundaries of normal gaming. Whether its your first step in the world or you're a decent player, Majestic Mermaid gives you a very nice journey when you're spinning their reels, that will leave you very enchanted.

About Majestic Mermaid

The captivating Majestic Mermaid slot machine boasts a configuration of 5 reels, and an astonishing 1,024 payout lines where very good luck awaits you. Your path is matching symbols all very gracefully on yours paying out lines, ensuring harmonious grace on your screen from the left to secure your very nice winnings. Majestic Mermaid is from the very talented developers there at Rival. Its a very good masterpiece with visual splendor of of Rival Gaming’s portfolio. Play the very nice game Majestic Mermaid and you'll see very enchanting winning ways and very hidden gemstones from a not much-known mermaids kingdoms under the deep ocean. The funny gaming option comes features that are very full of bonuses, including wilds feature, scatter feature, free spinnings, and also even respins. Majestic Mermaid is a lower-variance slots spinner with a reels griding of 5x4, 1,024 paying out lines, and an RTP rating of 95.5%.

Mythical theme

Transporting players with the mystique of mermaids, the allure of water creatures, and concealed treasure, the very good game promises a nice gaming experience that transcends the boundaries of imagination. Majestic Mermaid has a very mythical theme and its by Rival Gaming with old folklore mermaids and undersea creatures with magic attributes that affect all you humans. The developer gives you a transparent blue backing thats the entrance to the wonderful mermaids kingdoms with two very large mermaid statues. The nice soundtrack is very cinematic and its feeling like a cartoon film that ties in with adventure and great maritime thematic concepts.

Mermaids symbols

Further, the payout symbols in the Majestic Mermaid slot machine are suspended on transparent reels to blend with the underwater backing very effortlessly. The premium symbols over there include there sea turtle, there dolphin, the big octopus, the magical seahorse, the very bright starfish, and a closing clam. The lower paying out ones are the lowly poker cards suits. The very special symbols are the prize symbols, power-ups, a lovely mermaid wild, and a scattered treasure chest.

Mermaid symbols payouts

The Mermaid Wild takes away the other gaming symbols there. However, they won't replace Scatters. The higher-better symbols include the deep blue seaside, from the Turtle to the Dolphin, the mystery Octopus to the lovely Seahorse, bright Starfish to the closed Clam, each giving their treasures to you. The others are stylized playing cards suits.

Persistent Booster feature

Prepare to enjoy Booster icons that'll grace your screen with beneficial Prize, showering riches and elevating their net worth to unimaginable high heights. The Persistent Boosters lavish your great Prizes increasingly, with every spinning to amplify their big values, a testament to their power of fortune.

Persistent Collector feature

The Collectors herald big abundance. When their Collector Symbol goes on yours screen, its worth is to be the sum of your visible Prizes on your reel grid. The Persistent Collectors will equal you Prizes you'll get on the reel grid, with each spin very more enhancing your the harbingers of great opulence.

Lock and Load Re-spins feature

When 3 or more scatters land, they activate the Lock and Load feature, where 3 re-spins are awarded, and the power-up and prize symbols are activated. From there, more extra prizes or power-ups will hold there in there place, and the number of your respins will go again to 3.

Wilds and Scatters

The Wild symbols don't to replace the Scatter symbols for Free Spin or Bonus symbols. When applicable, only the highest multiplier in a win line is applied. Scatter symbols are displayed anywhere on your screen and don't required to be on your paying out line. Scatter wins will to multiply by yours currently active lines.

Everything you need to know about Majestic Mermaid

Majestic Mermaid by Rival Gaming has a very good visual style with its 5x4 grid for reels and a deep underwater theme that takes players into a mysterious world of magic mermaids, ocen deep creatures, and treasure hidden there. The game features five reels and 25 payout lines, with a betting range from $0.40 to $100 per spin, so its very accessible for the casuals and high-stakes players.