ChilliPop Slots

Link up with a zany cast of the spiciest vegetables, a friendly donkey, and a whacky piñata in Chillipop slots. The design of this game is somehow a fusion of cuteness, creepiness, and hilarity. There are no paylines here, you win based on getting clusters of symbols. Check out the info below to see how best to navigate this crazy video slot experience.

Free Spins

3 or more friendly donkey symbols anywhere on the board triggers the free spins feature in the main game. 3 friendly donkey symbols gets you 5 free games 15 friendly donkey symbols gets you 26 entire free games. This game is pretty unique, as it allows you to buy free games. This may seem oxymoronic, because it is, but it's great for strategizing. Don't feel like waiting for free games? Buy 'em!

Donkey Trail

During free spins, when the donkey symbol occurs, it modifies the board, increasing reels and rows. The more donkeys you collect, the more opportunities you get to win. 5 collected donkeys makes the board 5x4. If you collect 70 donkeys, the board becomes 8x8. That's huge.

Wild Piñata Multiplier

The Piñata is our wild, and it substitutes for all symbols except for the donkey. The cluster must be made up of at least one non-wild symbol in order for this to trigger. Multiply your wins by the number of piñatas in winning clusters. If the grid fills up with Piñata symbols, a bonus win is then awarded. 15 pays out 250, and 64 pays out 5,000.

This game is genuinely unique, perhaps the most unique game I've played in my quest to review all great slot games. It's feature dense, and the features give you a sense of agency within the game. Chillipop slots will have you running back for more, more, more! Try it out at one of our recommended casinos.