Trinity Reels Slots

Trinity Reels slots is a 6-reel bonus slot packed with glittering gems. If you haven't tried this Betsoft slot game, you need to. It has generous payouts and a buy-in fee if you want to trigger the bonus round immediately. Explore our casino review to learn more about the game.


We set the bet to $8 per spin. Winning combinations need three matching symbols in order to win a prize. Start with the 10, Jack, or Queen symbols that pay 80 cents, $1,20, $1.60, or $2. From there, you can win:

  • King or Ace symbols pay 80 cents, $1.20 to $2.80
  • Yellow or Orange Gemstones pay $1.20 to $4.80
  • Red Gemstones pay $2 to $6
  • Pink Gemstones pay $2 to $8
  • Purple Gemstones pay $2.80 to $12
  • Blue Gemstones pay $4 to $20

When we do a slot game review, we always like to do a 10-spin slot test and see what happens. Betsoft puts the hit rate at 20%. We set the total bet to $8 and didn't win anything until our 9th spin. We had Split Wilds, which led to a $61.60 payout. That was our only win, so our hit rate was 10%.

It costs $398 to pay the fee to trigger the bonus round. We did that for 10 free spins with Split Boost. By the end of the 10 free spins, we'd won $368, so it was very close to breaking even. It's far better than we usually do.

Bonus Features

Mystery Symbols may appear randomly when the reels cascade. If this happens, random symbols will appear thanks to the Mystery Symbol's help.

Trinity Reels has three special symbols appearing only on the sixth reel. These boosts are:

  • Multi Boost - A randomly multiplier is added to the reels offering multipliers of up to 10x.
  • Split Boost - Two or three positions on any reel are changed to split wilds.
  • Wild Boost - One or two positions on the second and fifth reel are randomly changed to split wilds.

When you pay a fee, you trigger the free spins bonus round. You win 10 free spins with your choice of an extra Boost symbol.

Getting Started

Betting options are fixed as there are thousands of possible ways to win. Wager as little as 20 cents or up to the max bet of $26. You can win up to 15,127x your bet, too. With a great range of bets, you can risk as much or as little as you want.

Another point to consider is that you're welcome to play for fun. Test it out, see what you think, and then deposit funds and play for real money. You won't have to risk cash until you're ready.

Trinity Reels slots has a game RTP of just under 96%. The hit rate is 20%. With up to 177,147 paylines, on this gem slot, you'll be surprised by how frequently you win a payout. Play this 6-reel bonus slot online or on your mobile device.