Toys Of Joy Slots

Spinomenal has been known for creating some of the most vibrant and colourful slots in the industry, such as the Nuts Commander slot. With their latest release, Toys Of Joy, they have taken the concept of carnival claw gaming and turned it into a 5-reel, 25-payline game.

Like many of the company's titles, Toys Of Joy is a relatively simple game that doesn't have the usual features such as wilds and bonus rounds. Instead, it provides a fun and quick learning experience.

In addition to the usual features, the company has also added a bonus feature that lets you win even more prizes by moving to a different part of the game. This is a sort of mini-game that takes you away from the main feature and into a claw game.

Gameplay & Setup

Aside from the bonus feature, the game's rules are also fairly simple. It features 25 fixed pay lines and allows players to bet anywhere from a dollar to $10 per line. The minimum bet per spin is $2, and the maximum is $250.

The regular payouts are varying from 2x to 500x your bet per line. They can also be enhanced by matching three or more purple sweet combinations on a winning payline. The game's wild symbol can also trigger additional wins by substituting for a regular symbol. There is also a 3x multiplier when two or more wild symbols are used, and a massive 7x multiplier when three or more are used.

In addition to the regular features, Toys Of Joy also has a 95% return to player statistic. It features a free spins feature that can trigger additional wins.

In terms of graphics, Toys Of Joy is very cute. The game uses a variety of different symbols and each of them has its own unique design. This makes it very different from other slot machines that use standard A-10 card values.

The various symbols that appear in this game include a tiger, a bear, a giraffe, a hippo, and a rabbit. They are also accompanied by a variety of candies that can help you win smaller prizes.

The game's audio is also very cute, as it features a variety of background music that plays throughout the game. It has additionally been equipped with sound effects that can be triggered by winning lines.

Bonus Features

The game's bonus feature is very unique, as it can trigger various bonus rounds depending on the number of bonus symbols that appear across the five reels. When three or more of these symbols appear anywhere in the slot, players are taken to a second gameboard that looks like a robotic claw machine. There, they can start picking their way to the various prizes.

The goal of the bonus feature is to collect three or more matching stuffed animals on the left side of the machine, and once these animals have been returned, the winning number will be multiplied by the number of prizes awarded. This means that players can win up to a maximum of $12,500 if they collect three matching animals.

The game's bonus feature is very unique, as it can trigger various bonus rounds depending on the number of bonus symbols that appear across the five reels. However, the pincers can also affect the outcome of the game by releasing the prize before it can be safely taken out of the machine. This annoying element can be especially frustrating especially when you're only one win away from a big prize.

Tips for Winning

One of the first things that players should consider when it comes to learning about slot machines is their variety of features and themes. Aside from the usual game mechanics, such as the sounds and animations, each of the machines also has its own Return to player rate.

Before playing real money slots, it's important that players try some free games. These are fun and can teach them about the game's mechanics and features. They can also help improve their skills since they can participate in the multiple bonus rounds.

The pay table of each slot machine has its own unique feature that lets players know which symbols are most profitable and which ones are not. It also displays the total amount of money that each symbol is worth.

Before you start playing a game, it's important that that you have a budget. Having a set amount of money will allow you to set a limit on how much you're willing to spend on the game. It will also help you avoid making mistakes and ensuring that you're getting the best possible gaming experience.

If you're not a huge fan of the big money, playing slot games with smaller progressive jackpots may be the best choice. They tend to give players a better chance of winning than the larger prizes. Unfortunately, even with these types of games, your chances of winning are not very good.

Final Thoughts

Spinomenal's Toys Of Joy is a very solid new slot machine that combines the company's simple game mechanics with bright and engaging graphics. Although the soundtrack and visual design may be a little nauseating for some players, the game still manages to keep its theme very well. Its bonus feature is also very unique and can trigger various bonus rounds depending on the number of bonus symbols that appear across the five reels.